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Worried About Aging? Don’t Be! Join us for Dr. Allison Yee’s Talk on “Aging Gracefully”

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Why “Aging Gracefully” is Important

No matter how hard we want to deny it, as we age, we all start to notice our skin changing. Whether it’s the emergence of fine lines or duller color, life in general eventually starts to take a toll on our skin.

The good news is that there’s more treatments and products available than ever to reverse the signs of aging! We all deserve to look and feel our best at any age, and knowing how to take care of our skin properly is a great first step.

Aging Gracefully is a Holistic Concept

At Eye Centers of Florida, the team at our Aesthetic Center are constantly looking for new ways to keep clients looking young, invigorated, and refreshed.

Dr. Yee performs a variety of services, each specifically designed to target different problem areas. From dehydrated to deflated skin, Dr. Yee and the Aesthetics Center team have the non-invasive solutions to provide the outcomes you deserve.

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Join us to hear Dr. Allison Bertram Yee give a talk about what we mean when we say “Aging Gracefully” in the Aesthetic Center lobby:


Monday, May 6 at 6:00PM
The Aesthetic Center at Eye Centers of Florida
4101 Evans Avenue
Fort Myers, FL 33901


Light refreshments will be served, and seating is limited. Please RSVP to 239-335-1722 or We can’t wait to see you there!

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About Dr. Yee

Dr. Allison Yee is a Board Certified Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon, specializing in functional, reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery.

Her personal and professional philosophy is balance in all things, and this translates directly to her approach to aesthetics and aging gracefully. Her numerous academic and professional accomplishments have shaped her expert insights into facial treatments that help the years fade away and your inner beauty shine through.

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