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Category: Dr. David C. Brown

iStent Inject

iStent Reduces or Eliminates Glaucoma Eye Drops

iStent® is an innovative, FDA-approved glaucoma treatment.

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A New Analysis of Laser Cataract Surgery

Does laser cataract surgery provide better vision with fewer complications? The largest analysis to date compares 14,567 eye surgeries to find out.

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Laser vs. Traditional Cataract Surgery Update

Has laser cataract surgery fulfilled its promise of better vision with fewer complications? A December 2016 study examined 7,801 patients in 19 countries to find out.

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Pacific Tomato Growers

Free Vision Screenings For Pacific Tomato Growers

Dr. Brown and his team gave free vision screenings to members and families of Pacific Tomato Growers in Immokalee, Florida.

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Dr. David C. Brown, M.D. F.A.C.S.

Get The Facts About Laser Cataract Surgery

Some surgeons have been offering their patients cataract surgery that uses lasers in place of traditional tools. Laser cataract surgery is newer and more expensive, but is it better? Dr. David C. Brown explores the latest science in this special update.

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