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Save Your Sight & Celebrate The 4th

Fireworks at 4th JulyLike most Americans, we love to celebrate Independence Day! It’s a pleasure for all the senses: hearing loud crackles, smelling sizzling grills, tasting good food, and feeling cool splashes of water on a hot Florida day. The day’s most famous pleasure of all, of course, is seeing a dazzling array of multicolored fireworks in the dusky sky.

But consider the 10,000 people each year that go to the emergency room for a fireworks-related injury. The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission keeps records, and their records tell us that in 2014, 19% of all fireworks injuries affected the eyes. In fact, after burns, the most commonly treated injury was to the eyes.

With July fast approaching, please take a moment to consider your plan for having fun safely this year. Wear glasses when handling fireworks, follow instructions on fireworks, and don’t let children play with fireworks. That way you and your loved ones can enjoy the pleasure of seeing a dazzling array of multicolored fireworks next year, too.

Happy 4th from all of us at ECOF!

Photo by Flickr user Epic Fireworks.