All Eye Centers of Florida locations will be closed for the holiday on Monday, September 7th.

All Eye Centers of Florida locations will be closed for the holiday on Monday, September 7th.

CO2 Laser Resurfacing
in Fort Myers

At The Aesthetic Center at Eye Centers of Florida, we’ve helped thousands of people regain control over their skin, refresh their look, and reclaim their confidence with the help of our personalized aesthetic treatments.

One of the many procedures we’re proud to offer is our CO2 laser resurfacing therapy. We use the industry’s latest technology to improve skin issues, promote long-lasting healthy skin, and give you the immediate, beautiful results you deserve.

What Is CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

Cosmetic CO2 lasers use extremely precise, low-energy frequencies, making them perfect for gentle skin care and targeted cosmetic treatment. CO2 laser resurfacing can be effective as a skin pigmentation treatment, a solution for fine lines and wrinkles, a laser face treatment for acne, a remedy for sun damage, and a multipurpose therapy for scars and other skin issues.

During a CO2 laser resurfacing session, we use UltraPulse®, a high energy beam of light that pulses onto your skin, to stimulate the removal of unhealthy and unwanted skin while promoting your body’s production of collagen to help regenerate newer, healthier skin cells. This enables us to improve the look and feel of your skin immediately while also promoting your long-term skin health.

Our laser resurfacing removes precise, thin layers of skin while leaving “bridges” of untouched cells intact, making for an even quicker recovery than other, similar treatments. The procedure itself may sting slightly, but the sensation is extremely mild — some patients have compared it to the warmth from a slight sunburn. There’s also minimal recovery. After your treatment, you’ll only be asked to continue washing and moisturizing as old skin flakes off and new skin takes its place.

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ActiveFX™ and DeepFX™

We offer two types of CO2 laser resurfacing at The Aesthetic Center: ActiveFX™ and DeepFX™. They address different parts of your skin, complementing each other perfectly to create refreshed, younger skin, and promote collagen development.

  • ActiveFX™ addresses surface-level issues, such as unsightly pigmentation and sun damage.
  • DeepFX™ penetrates deeper into the skin to address more deep-seated issues such as scars, wrinkles, and acne.
Laser Resurfacing Long Term Benefits

Benefits of CO2 Laser Resurfacing

CO2 laser resurfacing at The Aesthetic Center has both immediate and long-term benefits. Right after the procedure is complete, most of the aesthetic changes will be obvious:

  • Tighter skin
  • Reduced wrinkles and fine lines
  • Removed acne
  • Improved sun damage
  • Lessened scarring
  • Healthier skin tone
  • Softened texture
  • Youthful rejuvenation and glow
The fact that CO2 laser resurfacing also promotes collagen growth, however, can lead to further changes over time, including:

  • Continued skin tightening
  • Plumped, fuller skin
  • New, healthier skin replacing aging, blemished skin

Both our ActiveFX™ and DeepFX™ treatments are single-appointment procedures that provide minimal patient downtime, immediate results, and ongoing skin health improvement.

Enjoy a Life with Better Skin

CO2 Laser Resurfacing at The Aesthetic Center

Our team of dedicated aesthetic experts wants you to love your skin. At our one-on-one evaluation with you, we’ll construct a custom treatment plan to ensure that your CO2 laser resurfacing and other aesthetic treatments help you feel younger, look brighter, and live healthier with improved and refreshed skin.

To take control of your skin, call us at The Aesthetic Center at (239) 320-7304, or request an appointment.

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