All Eye Centers of Florida locations will be closed for the holiday on Monday, September 7th.

All Eye Centers of Florida locations will be closed for the holiday on Monday, September 7th.

Earlobe Repair
in Fort Myers, FL

You might love your earrings, but are you aware of the long-term damage this jewelry can cause to your earlobes? Extended use of nearly any earwear can stretch, tear, or otherwise damage earlobes over time, making them more prone to injury.

The aesthetics experts at The Aesthetic Center at Eye Centers of Florida have met with countless patients who don’t like the current state of their ears and are looking for solutions to stretched-out or damaged lobes. We’re happy to assure those patients that earlobe repair is a simple outpatient surgery with exceptional results that return their earlobes to a healthier, stronger, and fresher-looking state.

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What is an Earlobe Repair?

What Is an Earlobe Repair?

Earlobes, unlike the rest of the ear, don’t contain any cartilage. This makes them more susceptible to sagging and damage over time. Earrings can stretch ear piercing holes over the years just from gravity’s pull. Clip-on earrings may kill blood cells in the ear and permanently damage the earlobe. Another popular type of ear jewelry, gauges, can stretch earlobes in unhealthy ways. And if anything from clothes to a child to a pet catches or snags an earring, it can cause the skin to tear or split.

Whatever the cause of a widened ear piercing, split earlobe, or dead ear tissue, our team at The Aesthetic Center can reverse signs of damage with an earlobe repair. This cosmetic surgery reshapes and reattaches damaged or diseased earlobes to close holes, and removes unwanted tissue in a way that leaves your earlobe looking natural and healthy.

Earlobe Repair Expectation

What to Expect from Your Fort Myers Earlobe Repair

Earlobe repairs are a quick and safe outpatient surgery with minimal preparation and recovery. After we clean the operating area and use local anesthesia to make sure you don’t feel a thing, we’ll reform the damaged tissue and stitch it back together. As the procedure is finished, the incision is closed in a way that minimizes scarring and any other signs that surgery was performed.

After surgery, we will remove any sutures used during the procedure as necessary, and after a checkup, you will be free to go out and enjoy the sights and sounds in sunny Southwest Florida. You’ll need to keep the repaired earlobe(s) dry for a day or two, and we’ll prescribe short-term treatment as necessary to keep the wound clean and protect against scarring.

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How Can an Earlobe Repair at The Aesthetic Center Help My Look?

Earlobe repairs aren’t just a treatment to heal an injury: they’re a way to reclaim a damaged part of your body. Our team isn’t satisfied until your earlobes are repaired with the absolute least amount of scarring. We leverage many years of experience in aesthetic surgery to perform surgeries with the health, and appearance, of your earlobes in mind.

At The Aesthetic Center, we focus on natural-looking results, providing you with a simple wound-care regimen to ensure that your scarring is minimal and that your earlobes look young and firm. You don’t have to be embarrassed about sagging or torn earlobes anymore; you can have your healthy-looking earlobes back in the span of a day.

To learn more about earlobe repair and other cosmetic treatments, request an appointment or call us at (239) 320-7304.

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