All Eye Centers of Florida locations will be closed for the holiday on Monday, September 7th.

All Eye Centers of Florida locations will be closed for the holiday on Monday, September 7th.

Scar Revision
in Fort Myers, FL

Almost everyone has scars on their body, caused by minor injuries, serious accidents, or surgeries that just didn’t heal perfectly. At The Aesthetic Center at Eye Centers of Florida, we’ve found that most of our patients want to be free of these unsightly reminders of past wounds, especially when they appear in certain areas. With our scar revision options, we can help your skin look clearer and healthier with simple and effective cosmetic surgery.

What Is Scar Revision?

Our cosmetic scar revisions are procedures that mask, minimize, or remove scar tissue. Just as there are many types of scars, there are many aesthetic surgery options to reduce or remove scar tissue — it’s really a matter of deciding which of our custom treatments will achieve your desired results.

It’s important to note that a number of topical or minimally invasive procedures can also address scarring: custom facials, dermal fillers, neuromodulators, and laser and light treatments can all help treat minor scars. Our Board Certified Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon, Allison Bertram Yee, M.D., will help you determine which treatment(s) will most benefit your scarring during your free skincare evaluation.

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What Kinds of Scars Can Be Removed?

Almost every kind of scar can benefit from cosmetic treatments or aesthetic surgery. Here, we’ll detail some common types of scarring and the options for scar revision.

Acne Scar Revision

Acne Scars

Acne scars can take a few different forms. Some can be addressed with our other cosmetic treatments, including custom dermabrasion and chemical peels, but others are more depressed or raised than such treatments can resolve. In those cases, we turn to minor surgeries, working either to carefully remove the raised scar tissue, or loosen fibers beneath the scar to flatten it.

Keloid Scars Revision

Keloid Scars

Keloid scars are what most people picture when they think of scars: raised, firm lesions on the skin that are left over after the healing process. They’re typically painless, but can cause itchiness, hamper movement, and act as reminders of the unfortunate incident which caused the scarring. Keloid scars can typically be removed, flattened, or lessened via cosmetic surgery, and our own Dr. Yee utilizes surgical techniques that prevent further or new scarring.

Hypertrophic Scar Revision

Hypertrophic Scars

Hypertrophic scars are like more minor keloid scars: while the excess scar tissue in keloid scars can grow beyond where the original wound was, hypertrophic scars typically don’t extend beyond the initial injury. As with keloid scars, they’re typically painless but may cause itchiness or discomfort, and can be reduced or removed using the same aesthetic surgeries.

Contracture Scar Revision

Contracture Scars

These skin-tightening scars are most commonly caused by burns. Minor contracture scars may just be unsightly, but more severe versions may affect tissue and muscle beneath the scarred area. Depending on the size of the scar, treatment could be as simple as a skin graft, or could involve removing the scarred tissue and carefully reclosing the skin.

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How Can Scar Revision at The Aesthetic Center Improve My Skin?

Scars can be an unavoidable part of life, but if you don’t want to live with them forever, you don’t have to. At The Aesthetic Center, Dr. Yee and her team will help you determine which treatments and cosmetic surgery options can best remove painful reminders of your past so that you can tackle life with brighter, clearer, and healthier skin.

To learn more about your scar revision options, request an appointment, or call us at (239) 320-7304.

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