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About Eye Centers of Florida

Fort Myers, FL Eye Doctor

Eye Centers of Florida has been a fixture in the community in and around Fort Myers for decades. From a family member’s first pair of glasses to safe and effective cataract surgery, our goal is to be your lifetime partner in eye care.


• Eye Health Management
• Eye Exams
• Eyelid Lifts
• Eyewear and Contacts
• Hearing Aid Specialist

• Accredited Surgery Center
• Aesthetic Center
• Cataract Surgery
• Detection and Treatment of Disease, Including Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration

Eye Care Services in
Fort Myers

As part of our commitment to Total Eye Care in the Fort Myers area, the services offered at Eye Centers of Florida address common eye care needs throughout our patients’ lives. Here are some of the areas that we address for our patients.

General Eye Exams and Vision Care

Where can I Find an Ophthalmologist in Fort Myers

Primary eye services set a standard for the care you and your loved ones receive for the rest of your life. Make sure you visit a team of eye doctors who care for you and treat your family like an extension of theirs.

At Eye Centers of Florida, we set the Gold Standard for eye care in Southwest Florida. Whether you’re bringing a family member in for their first eye exam or coming in for a routine vision prescription update, Eye Centers of Florida is proud to offer affordable vision care to a wide range of patients.

Glasses and Eyewear

Eye exams go hand-in-hand with eyewear, and you can have your eyewear needs met at Eye Centers of Florida. We have a wide selection of frames that we fit with custom lenses, lens upgrades and more. Ask about our options for prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses when you come in for an appointment with Eye Centers of Florida!

In addition to our eyewear selection, we also offer prescriptions for contact lenses. Our on-site optometrists are standing by and ready to help find the product that best fits your lifestyle, including specialty lenses and colored contacts.

Ophthalmology and Medical Services in Fort Myers

Eye Centers of Florida is proud to boast one of the top teams of ophthalmologists and ocular surgeons in southwestern Florida. Our team will put your mind at ease by working with you to find the best eye care solutions based on your needs and symptoms.

We help you manage your eye health over the course of your life, and part of this is understanding your risk for certain eye conditions at various stages. Our ophthalmologists have extensive experience diagnosing and treating a wide range of eye conditions, from managing conditions like glaucoma and macular generation to conducting life changing procedures like cataract surgery and LASIK eye surgery.

In addition, our Hearing Aid Specialist has over fifteen years of experience working with these sophisticated devices, and our Hearing Center offers free hearing assessments as well as hearing aid tune-ups and cleaning.

The SurgiCare Center in Fort Myers

Our unique, on-campus surgery center is one of the reasons why we’re the top choice in the region for total eye care. Established in 1982, our Accredited SurgiCare Center has been the epicenter of innovation in treatment options for a wide range of eye conditions that have bettered the lives of our patients. Our experienced surgeons are equipped with the latest surgical technology and look forward to making your next experience at Eye Centers of Florida a life-changing one.

The Aesthetic Center in Fort Myers

The Aesthetic Center in Fort Myers

Eye Centers of Florida is proud to not only be our patients’ first choice for vision and eye care but also for cosmetic services as well.

With experienced cosmetic surgeons and professional staff, the Aesthetic Center at Eye Centers of Florida is where you need to go when you want to look and feel your absolute best. From non-invasive maintenance procedures like Latisse, chemical peels, Botox, or laser hair removal to cosmetic surgeries like eye lifts, double eyelid surgery, and blepharoplasty, our experienced team can give you the look that you’re after.

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