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11: Real Users Discuss Their Latisse Results

This is the eleventh installment of 12 Things You Need to Know About Botox and Aesthetics 

Brooke Shields, a celebrity spokesperson for Latisse, said “I thought I’d be a good candidate for Latisse… simply because over the years I’ve just been ripping off my false eyelashes while on Broadway. And Allergan approached me and said ‘this is a product, it works, it’s FDA approved,’ and my interest just piqued!” The results of her Latisse treatment were dramatically successful and helped to convince others that it really works.

Claire Danes also became a Latisse spokesperson after trying the product. “The more I learned about Latisse, the more impressed I was,” said Claire. “I’ve never used a product that actually affected real physical change. If you want proof, just look at the before and after photos.”

Other real users have shared their experiences using Latisse:

“My eyelashes grew so long! They were touching my glasses, I could feel them when I blinked and I could actually look up and see them!” – Susan12 Things You Need to Know About Botox and Aesthetics

“I have been using Latisse for over a year now and love it!! People ask me if I am wearing false eyelashes!” – Sherry

“I had my doubts, but since it a “buy one get one free”, I tried it out. I must say within ONE week I could tell the difference. It has now been two months and I have LONG DARK eyelashes!! I had a very short lashes before.” – Meg

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