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2: How Well Can You Expect to See After LASIK?

Expect to See Clearer After LASIK

This is the second installment of Nine Things You Must Know About LASIK Surgery 

The results of LASIK surgery can be life-changing. In a majority of cases, it will provide 20/20 or better vision, and will completely eliminate the need for glasses or contacts. This can not only improve your vision, but also improve your lifestyle and self-esteem by eliminating the stress of depending on glasses or contact lenses.

The eye care community sets high standards for LASIK success. For a LASIK laser to receive FDA approval, manufacturers are expected to have adverse event rates of less than 1 percent during clinical trials.

In a major report discussed on the American Academy of Ophthalmology website, 64 LASIK studies published since 2000 were reviewed with these results reported:

  • 92 percent of eyes with myopia (nearsightedness) or myopic astigmatism achieved a correction within 2.0 diopters of target. (A “diopter” is a unit of measurement for optical power)
  • 94 percent of eyes achieved 20/40 or better vision after surgery and did not require correction with glasses or contact lenses (uncorrected visual acuity or UCVA).
  • 99 percent of people with low to moderate levels of myopia had 20/40 or better UCVA, and a median of 89 percent of people with high myopia had the same result.
  • A median of 88 percent of eyes with hyperopia (farsightedness) and hyperopic astigmatism achieved correction within 1.0 diopter of target, resulting in at least 20/40 UCVA.Nine Things You Must Know About LASIK Surgery

According to a major analysis of scientific literature by the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery reported in 2008, worldwide satisfaction rates among LASIK patients is more than 95 percent. Since its introduction over ten years ago, more than 10 million people worldwide have experienced this simple, quick laser procedure, and numbers are substantially increasing each year.

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