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Change Your Look with New Color Contacts!

AIR OPTIX Color ContactsHave you ever wanted to change your eye color, but didn’t have an easy way to try before you buy?

Or perhaps you never considered it an option because you don’t need to wear contacts to correct your vision.

Either way now’s your chance to try a new look!

We’re partnering with AIR OPTIX® to offer FREE in-office trials of the new AIR OPTIX® COLORS breathable contact lenses. They come in 9 beautiful colors — some subtle, some brilliant.

If you visit the AIR OPTIX® Color Studio ( online, you can take a photo of yourself and instantly see what the new colors will look like on you.

If you like your new look, sign up for the FREE trial and get other money-saving offers.

Then, make an appointment at Eye Centers of Florida to talk to an eyecare professional.