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Fighting Blindness with Smartphones

Using Smartphones to Fight BlindnessAbout 39 million people in world are blind. With a simple eye exam, at least 80% of this blindness could be prevented.

The problem is that eye exam equipment is heavy, expensive, and fragile. It’s not built to travel to places where pavement and electricity are hard to come by. But these are the places where people need eye exams the most.

ECOF has become supporters of a new technology to address this problem. It’s called Peek

(, short for Portable Eye Examination Kit. Peek helps doctors around the world use common smartphones to provide high-quality eye exams to people who need them. PEEK - Portable Eye Examination KitPeek can help prevent blindness.

Anyone can be a Peek supporter. Join us in helping prevent blindness!

To learn more about Peek, watch this video: