Oxygen Treatments

What Is an Oxygen Facial?

At The Aesthetic Center at Eye Centers of Florida, our aesthetics experts are committed to exceptional care, and that means providing our patients with the most advanced treatments in the industry. Sometimes, we find that some of the best skincare solutions are simply customized variations on standard treatments.

One such skin care service is our oxygen treatment facial. While all of our facials can do wonders for the look, feel, and health of your skin, an oxygen treatment is excellent for sensitive skin and can offer immediate results. With an oxygen facial, you can be in and out of The Aesthetic Center with plenty of time to go out and show the world your new glow.

The concept of an oxygen facial is developed around one of the universal truths about humans: we need oxygen to survive and thrive. Since the early 20th century, doctors have used different oxygen-based treatments to improve the natural healing process for patients in a variety of different areas of medicine.

Today, you can achieve these same revitalizing and healing benefits at The Aesthetic Center. This skin care treatment promotes cellular health and wound healing, while also acting as an anti-inflammatory treatment for oil glands. It even eliminates bacteria that would otherwise contribute to acne.

What Happens During an Oxygen Facial?

At The Aesthetic Center at Eye Centers of Florida, oxygen treatments are conducted by applying pressurized, pure oxygen to your skin. This allows oxygen to reach even the deepest layers of skin, revitalizing your cells and giving you a brighter, fuller-looking face. When appropriate, we will also exfoliate prior to the treatment and will combine your oxygen facial with other treatments that bring out your best skin.

The Benefits of a Fort Myers Oxygen Treatment Facial

The most obvious benefit of an oxygen facial is that it promotes natural healing. With increased exposure to oxygen — especially for deeper layers of skin that don’t normally receive it — your cells can function and repair themselves better. This improved tissue recovery can benefit:

  • Cellular health and scar healing
  • Inflammation in oil glands
  • Bacteria reduction to minimize acne
  • Collagen production to lessen wrinkles
  • Detox processes
  • Skin hydration

Another benefit of an oxygen facial is that it’s very gentle and essentially risk-free. For people with easily irritated or allergy-prone skin, an oxygen treatment won’t risk causing a reaction or introduce your body to anything it isn’t used to. Because oxygen treatments are so mild — and because they produce immediate results — you can apply whatever lotion or makeup you want afterwards without worrying about undoing the facial’s positive effects to your skin.

Why Eye Centers of Florida Is the Right Choice for Your Next Oxygen Facial

At The Aesthetic Center, we truly believe in customized care, and we encourage you to experience what this means for yourself.

We perform a skincare evaluation for all new patients, where our specially trained staff, led by Board Certified Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon Allison Bertram Yee, M.D., will conduct a comprehensive skin analysis. From there, we’ll craft a multifaceted, custom facial treatment based on the condition and health needs of your skin.

To find out what an oxygen treatment facial — or any of our personalized skincare services — schedule an appointment today.

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