Protective Sunglasses

We all love sunny days, and in Southwest Florida, we get plenty of them. When it comes to our eyes, however, there is such a thing as too much sun — the ultraviolet radiation from sunlight doesn’t just burn your skin, it can also cause serious damage to your eyes.

Sun damage to structures of your eyes is cumulative. That means that on top of temporary effects like inflamed eyes and blurry vision, damage can build gradually, leading to long-term consequences like cataracts, macular degeneration, and blindness. You’re not even safe from the harmful effects of UV rays when it’s cloudy — up to 80% of UV radiation can still reach you, even when the sun’s not out.

Now, the good news: the skilled opticians at Eye Centers of Florida can help you protect your eyes with a simple and stylish solution: sunglasses!

Polarized Sunglasses

100% UV Protection Sunglasses in Fort Myers

At Eye Centers of Florida, we don’t want you to settle for anything less than 100% sun protection in your sunglasses. That means offering polarized sunglasses with comprehensive UVA and UVB protection, selecting frames which cover your front and peripheral visual field without sacrificing style, and finding sunglasses that fit your needs and lifestyle. Most non-prescription sunglasses can be taken home immediately after purchase, meaning that your next pair of perfect frames may be just one quick visit away.

Be Safe. Express Yourself: Sunglasses That Fit Your Lifestyle

Your sunglasses are an important part of your life and in Southwest Florida, eyewear that protects against UV exposure should be a daily accessory. We know that aside from providing complete protection from harmful sunlight, you want your sunglasses to keep you looking your best. Whether you’re searching for sunglasses for men or women, at Eye Centers of Florida, you can find frames in every style you can imagine.

No matter how you spend your days, we have a pair of sunglasses to complement your daily routine in the optical shops at any one of our 11 convenient locations in Southwest Florida.

Sunglasses for Women and Men

Customize Your Perfect Shades

Maybe you want to wear different sunglasses for golfing and tennis than you wear for driving or working in the backyard, or, maybe you’d like your prescription glasses to protect against UV light at all times. Whether you got your prescription from us or somewhere else, just bring it in and have a pair of sunglasses custom-made.

We can also turn any pair of glasses into versatile, light-adjustable glasses with special Transitions™ treatment. And, we carry specialized reading sunglasses that are perfect for fishing, gardening, reading on the beach, or any other outdoor activity that requires precise close-up vision.

Top Brands of High-Quality Sunglasses in Southwest Florida

At Eye Centers of Florida, we offer a wide selection of high-quality, designer sunglasses from popular brands, including:

  • Arnette®
  • Betsey Johnson®
  • COACH®
  • Costa Del Mar®
  • Dolce&Gabbana®
  • Fossil®
  • Guess®
  • Lilly Pulitzer®
  • Maui Jim®
  • Michael Kors®
  • Nike®
  • Oakley®
  • Prada®
  • Ray-Ban®
  • SMITH Optics®
  • Swarovski®
  • Tiffany & Co.®

Many of the sunglasses frames we carry are also sold in prescription lenses, so don’t hesitate to ask about combining vision and sun protection in one stylish package. Also, make sure to ask about our reading sunglasses, perfect for working outdoors in sunny Florida!

Why Come to Us for Sunglasses in Ft. Myers?

Our opticians at Eye Centers of Florida are highly experienced. Just stop into one of our optical shops, and they’ll help you find superior sunglasses that meet your needs, no matter what you’re looking for. If you’re planning on spending your days outside, our selection of sunglasses will have you — and your eyes — covered.

Call us at (239) 320-7342 or if you don’t also need a prescription, stop into one of our locations to find your perfect pair.

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