You know that too much ultraviolet radiation can damage the skin, but did you know that too much unfiltered sunlight can also harm your eyes by damaging the lens and even the retina?

Sunlight damage to the eyes is cumulative and can cause both immediate and long-term consequences. Sunlight reflected off the surface of water, sand, snow or other bright objects reflects UV radiation to the eyes. Even on cloudy days, you are not safe from UV because the amount of UV transmitted is still significant — up to about 80% of its normal intensity.

100% Sun Protection Sunglasses – Sunscreen for Your Eyes

To protect your eyes, wear 100% sun protection sunglasses that provide 100% protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Make sure the frame covers your visual field – in the front and side vision areas. Remember that darker does not necessarily mean better. Lifestyle plays a part in selecting proper sunwear. You may need a pair for playing golf or tennis and a different pair for driving.

Eye Centers of Florida’s licensed opticians are sunwear experts who can help you select the highest quality sunglasses to fit your lifestyle. Visit one of our many locations to try on a pair. Let us assist you with your sunglasses.

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