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Stay Healthy Without Compromising Your Hearing: How To Wear A Mask With Your Hearing Aids

Wearing a protective face mask is essential to protecting yourself from COVID-19 and other contagious diseases. For many people, though, masks can be uncomfortable over long periods, especially when worn with other necessary items, like eyeglasses.

We’ve already advised you of a few foolproof ways to keep your glasses from fogging up when wearing them with a mask — now it’s time to address an equally important but less-talked-about issue: wearing a mask with hearing aids.

In honor of Audiology Awareness Month, here are some tips and tricks from Eye Centers of Florida to keep yourself protected with a mask while preserving your ability to hear the world around you.

Mask with Ties

Use a mask with ties rather than ear loops

Masks with loops around the ears may cause your hearing aids to feel like they don’t fit right, which can be uncomfortable. Instead, opt for a mask with strings that you can tie behind your head and neck, so they don’t squeeze your ears or interfere with your hearing devices.

If you have to use a mask with ear loops, use extensions

If it’s not an option for you to wear a mask with strings, or if you already have several masks with loops, you can make or buy extensions for them. With a few simple steps, you can make a band that pulls the loops together behind your head, taking the tension off the backs of your ears.
Mask with Earloops
Check Hearing Aids

Check for your hearing aids when putting on and taking off your mask

It’s easy to dislodge a hearing aid when you’re putting on or removing a mask. Always check that your hearing aids are in place before and after you wear your mask, so if you lose one, you’ll know before it’s lost for good.

Be aware of where you put on and take off your mask

When putting on or removing your mask, opt for a place where a hearing aid can be more easily found if lost — for example, when you go grocery shopping, wait until you’re back in the car to take off your mask as opposed to taking it off in the parking lot.
Wearing Mask On and Off  Awareness

Get Your Hearing Aids Serviced at Eye Centers of Florida

It’s important to protect yourself and care for your hearing aids at the same time, and luckily, Eye Centers of Florida offers free hearing aid adjustments! If you have any questions or concerns about wearing a mask with your hearing aids, contact Chris Trimble, our licensed hearing aid specialist!