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5: Does LASIK Surgery Hurt?

Does LASIK Surgery Really Hurt

This is the fifth installment of Nine Things You Must Know About LASIK Surgery 

No. The actual treatment of LASIK is actually painless. Since it’s a surgery, people often falsely believe that LASIK is a painful procedure. However…

…LASIK is a painless technique. What you will experience during and after the surgery can be categorized as mild discomfort rather than pain.

Since LASIK is performed while you are awake and mobile, this ensures that the operation is relatively painless. Prior to surgery, you will be given plenty of anesthetic drops which completely numb the eye. The surgeon typically administers a mild sedative (for instance Valium) and anesthetic eye drops. During the surgery, you may feel a light pressure sensation around your eye, but will not feel any pain.

After the procedure is finished, you may feel a sensation many patients describe as slightly gritty” or the feeling of a lash in your eye for a few hours. However, most people experience very little or no pain.Nine Things You Must Know About LASIK Surgery

Following the surgery, you may be given a prescription for a pain reliever if you need it. However, most people need nothing more than Tylenol, if anything.

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