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6: How to Prepare for LASIK Surgery

Prepare for LASIK Surgery

This is the sixth installment of Nine Things You Must Know About LASIK Surgery 

After you’ve selected a qualified LASIK surgeon that has given you a full exam and recommended you for LASIK, you can begin to prepare for the surgery.

One of the best ways to prepare for LASIK is to start admiring yourself in the mirror without glasses, and getting excited about the “new you” that will soon be emerging. Or, start imagining how easy and stress-free it will be when you start going to bed and waking up in the morning without the hassle of taking out or putting in contacts!

When you meet with your doctor to schedule your surgery, they will check for a few things before deciding on a date. Here is what they will check:

  1. Your doctor will look for signs of dry eye disease, which must be treated and cleared up before LASIK can be performed. Even if your eyes have a normal tear film, your eye surgeon may recommend treatment as a precaution, in order to reduce your risk of developing dry eyes after LASIK.
  2. Your doctor will use a device called a corneal topographer to measure the curvature of your eye. This creates a sort of “map” of your cornea.
  3. You may also undergo a wavefront analysis, which sends light waves through the eye to provide an even more precise map of aberrations affecting your vision.
  4. Finally, the doctor will ask you about any health problems you have or medications you take. Although some health conditions will disqualify you for LASIK, others may just postpone the procedure until a later date.Nine Things You Must Know About LASIK Surgery

Once your LASIK surgeon has determined that everything is o.k. to proceed, they will schedule your surgery.

LASIK is an “ambulatory procedure” — which means you walk into the surgery center, have the procedure, and walk out again. In fact, the actual surgery usually takes less than five minutes, and you’re awake the whole time.

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