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7. What Do I Need To Know About My New Lens?

New Lens

This is the seventh installment of 9 Important Questions You Should Ask About Cataract Surgery 

Without a new lens in the eye, you could see shapes but they would be blurred and out of focus.

The “foldable” intraocular new lens implant used at Eye Centers of Florida is the best and most natural way to restore clear vision after removal of your cataract.

Usually, bifocal glasses are prescribed after surgery to correct for minor problems such as astigmatism…

However, several new advancements in ocular lens design may eliminate the need for any kind of eyewear after surgery.9 Important Questions About Cataract Surgery

A new multifocal lens uses a unique design that provides vision in a range of distances from near to far.

A new toric lens corrects astigmatism. Your doctor will discuss these options with you if you are a good candidate for either lens.

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