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9 Important Questions You Should Ask About Cataract Surgery

9 Important Questions You Should Ask About Cataract Surgery

Over the past few months, we have covered nine important questions you should ask about cataract surgery BEFORE electing to go through with the procedure. After all, we’re talking about your sight here, so it goes without saying that this decision shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Whether you choose the physicians at Eye Centers of Florida to diagnose and treat your cataracts or another ophthalmologist, we believe it’s of the utmost importance that you educate yourself so that you’re familiar with the symptoms, causes, options for treatment, and proper terminology.

Let’s recap the tips we covered:

  1. What causes a cataract?
  2. What are the symptoms of cataracts?
  3. What are the different types of cataracts?
  4. How can I restore my vision?
  5. When is the right time for cataract surgery?
  6. What can I expect from my cataract surgery at Eye Centers of Florida?
  7. What do I need to know about my new lens?
  8. How to select the right Intraocular Lens (IOL) implant for your lifestyle
  9. Are there risks to cataract surgery?

If you have any further questions about cataracts or intraocular lens implants, please call (888) 393-2778 or request an appointment to meet with one of our physicians at an ECOF location near you.