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2: What Are The Symptoms of Cataracts?

What are The Symptoms of Cataracts?

This is the second installment of 9 Important Questions You Should Ask About Cataract Surgery which can be downloaded from ECOF’s  free eBook library.

If you suspect that you may have cataracts based on various warning signs in your vision, here are a few symptoms of cataracts to look out for:

  • Blurred or Cloudy Vision
  • Frequent Changes in Eyeglass or Contact Lens Prescriptions
  • Night Glare and Hazy Vision
  • Colors That Seem to Fade

An ophthalmologist must determine if these symptoms are really caused by a cataract or by some other eye problem that may need treatment.

So if you have cataracts, when should you have them removed?

For an adult, a cataract should be removed only when it interferes with lifestyle and makes it difficult to continue normally enjoyable activities.

Generally, there is no such thing as a cataract being “ripe” or “not ripe” for removal. What matters is whether or not the problem interferes with vision.

9 Important Questions You Should Ask About Cataract SurgeryIn rare instances, a “hyper-mature” cataract may cause elevated eye pressure or inflammation of the eye. In this case, it must be removed immediately. Otherwise, removal of a cataract is at the patientʼs discretion.

If you or a loved one are experiencing any of the symptoms of cataracts described above, download our free eBook to your right for more information.

Otherwise, please make an appointment to see one of our optometrists at one of 12 local Eye Centers of Florida locations nearest you.

We look forward to helping you regain your precious vision so you can see clearly again!