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1: What Causes a Cataract?

Causes of Cataract

This is the first installment of 9 Important Questions You Should Ask About Cataract Surgery 

More than half of all Americans age 65 and older have a cataract. The natural aging process is the most common cause for the development of cataracts.

Cataracts also can develop following an eye injury such as a blow, puncture, cut or burn, or can be formed in association with certain diseases, such as diabetes.

But what about the symptoms? How will you know if you’re developing cataracts especially in the early stages?

9 Important Questions You Should Ask About Cataract Surgery Unfortunately there may be no obvious symptoms in the early stages of a cataract. But as it worsens, you may experience hazy or blurred vision, double vision or an increased sensitivity to glare. Youʼll also notice that switching to stronger eyeglasses will not improve your vision.

Cataracts typically cannot be seen by external examination. At Eye Centers of Florida, physicians use a high-powered microscope to determine the type, location, and size of the cataract, and an ophthalmoscope to view the interior of the eye.

Now that you know what causes a cataract, if you think you may have the beginnings of one due to cloudy vision, please contact us for a consultation at (239) 939-3456. For more free information, download the eBook to your right.