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Here’s How to Get Free Glasses After Cataract Surgery

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If you’re considering having cataract surgery at Eye Centers of Florida’s Accredited SurgiCare Center, you’ve likely done some research already. That means you may already know that for many people who have their cataracts removed and replaced with intraocular lenses (IOLs), it’s still necessary to wear some type of eyewear to see clearly.

What you may not know is this: with some Medicare plans, you are able to get those glasses for free — or, at least, at a significant discount.

Premium IOL Replacement

Do I Really Need Glasses After Cataract Surgery?

Successful cataract surgery provides a near-instant improvement in your sight, and choosing a premium IOL to replace your cataracts will further boost your vision quality. However, depending on your specific vision requirements, supplementing your eyesight with glasses or sunglasses may make the difference between good and great vision. While some artificial lenses can correct presbyopia, you may still need to get an annual vision prescription.

Your eyes may also be more sensitive after surgery. If this is the case, some lights will seem brighter, and the blue light from digital screens will be more difficult to handle for extended periods of time.

At our main clinic optical shop, our expert opticians can help you find corrective eyewear that improves the comfort and quality of your vision, whether those are single-vision readers, computer glasses, nighttime driving glasses, or lined bifocals.

Sunglasses After Cataracts

Quality sunglasses are especially important post-cataract surgery. Your increased eye sensitivity may be noticeable with weaker light sources, but it will almost definitely be noticeable in direct sunlight — especially somewhere as sunny as Southwest Florida. In addition, while some IOLs will help block UV light, no lenses block UV rays as completely as sunglasses do. For this reason, we recommend that all cataract surgery patients carry sunglasses with them post-surgery.

Medicare May Cover Your Post-Cataract Surgery Glasses

Medicare May Cover Your Post-Cataract Surgery Glasses

If you have a Medicare or Medicare Advantage insurance plan, the good news is that you probably won’t have to give a second thought to buying glasses after cataract surgery. That’s because many Medicare plans help cover the cost under Medicare Part B.

Most Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans provide “durable medical equipment” (DME) to patients. DME describes long-lasting equipment like wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, and glasses. Medicare plans do this by working with a type of private company called a “Durable Medical Equipment Medicare Administrative Contractor,” or a DME MAC.

Medicare Advantage Insurance Plan

After you undergo cataract surgery, your Medicare benefits stipulate that you should be covered for glasses. Then, your Medicare plan’s DME MAC will reimburse you for the cost of those glasses.

If Your Medicare Doesn’t Include DME MAC, You Can Still Get Free or Discounted Eyeglasses

In most cases where patients have a Medicare plan without a DME MAC, post-cataract glasses can still be included in your benefits — with a special authorization. You may have to cover a part of the cost, depending on the specifics of your plan. This also applies to a range of contact lens products.

The team at Eye Centers of Florida can obtain that authorization for reimbursement by directly contacting your Medicare provider. We submit a request to your provider, and will work with Medicare to ensure that your eyewear is provided at the lowest cost possible in these cases. We’re committed to helping remove any barriers that stand between you and the eyewear you need. We also offer optional lens upgrades for a moderate fee when you get free or low-cost eyewear provided by Medicare!

Free Post-Cataract Surgery Eyewear at Eye Centers of Florida

At Eye Centers of Florida, our whole team is dedicated to giving you the best cataract surgery results possible. For us, that includes making sure that your eyewear needs are taken care of, and that you understand your benefits and options.

Free eyewear is only available through our main clinic optical shop located at 4101 Evans Avenue, Fort Myers, FL 33901. Click here for more information. To discuss your Medicare coverage, or learn more about how eyewear can benefit you after cataract surgery, please call us at (239) 320-7342.