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Migraines, Uncontrollable Blinking, and Crow’s Feet

BOTOX for Chronic MigraineSince 2002 BOTOX® has been popular as an aesthetic treatment for reducing wrinkles, but did you know the FDA first approved it twelve years before that as a treatment for uncontrollable blinking, also known as blepharospasm?

More recently in 2010, the FDA approved BOTOX for people who suffer from chronic migraines. How can BOTOX be used to treat such different conditions?

BOTOX can stop the nerves around the eye from sending spasms to the nearby muscles, reducing uncontrollable blinking. If you suffer from this condition, you can learn more about BOTOX for Blepharospasm.

Adults with chronic migraines, defined as 15 or more 4-hour headache days a month, may be able to use BOTOX’s nerve-blocking power to prevent up to 9 of those headaches. Learn more about BOTOX for Chronic Migraines.

BOTOX was approved by the FDA in 2002 for reducing wrinkles between the eyebrows, and additionally in 2014 to reduce lines known commonly as crow’s feet. Learn more about BOTOX Cosmetic and what it can do.

The doctors at Eye Centers of Florida regularly treat these conditions and more with BOTOX. If you want to see if BOTOX is right for you, make an appointment today.