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Shamir Duo No-Line Bifocals

If you prefer bifocals over progressives but dislike the ugly line, you’ll be happy to learn about a new third option: no-line bifocals!

Shamir Duo No-Line Bifocals

Shamir Duo™ no-line bifocal lenses have plenty of upsides:

  • Improved performance: No line interrupting your vision
  • Improved appearance: Other people can’t see a line
  • Works with sunglasses: tinted, photochromic, and polarized
  • Works with high-index materials for thin lenses
  • Works with premium anti-reflective coatings

They avoid the downsides of traditional bifocals and progressive lenses, including the unsightly line and the restriction on coatings, materials, and options for sunglasses.

They’re ideal if you don’t like how progressive lenses perform, but you do like the absence of a bifocal line.

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