Custom Facials

Custom Facials in Fort Myers, Florida

The Aesthetic Center at Eye Centers of Florida was built to provide high-quality care, administered by experts, and designed around each patient’s unique needs. Our custom facials offer tailored rejuvenation that enhances the health and overall appearance of your skin.

A custom facial can improve your complexion, treat acne, remove wrinkles, and even assist in the healing of scars and other skin damage. The personal attention you’ll find at The Aesthetic Center ensures that when you walk out our door after a truly exceptional custom facial, you’ll look as good as you feel.

Custom Facial Face Treatment

What Is A Custom Facial?

A facial is a face treatment aimed at improving the health and vibrancy of your skin. But everyone has different skin, and different needs. Our specially trained staff provides a complete skin analysis to design a facial around your particular oil levels, complexion, and other unique qualities.

The facials themselves can involve a variety of treatments, including a deep cleansing of the pores, extracting unwanted particles, and exfoliation or peels to freshen and rejuvenate facial skin. Treatment depends both on your preferences as well as the methods our aesthetic experts determine are best for you.

What Can A Custom Facial Do for You?

Some patients worry that they look older than their age. Others have skin problems or issues with acne. And still more patients simply can’t get the skin care they need out of traditional, over-the-counter options.

At The Aesthetic Center at Eye Centers of Florida, our custom facials can help with the following:

  • Signs of aging, such as wrinkles
  • Poor complexions, including dull and patchy skin
  • Puffy, saggy, or stretched skin
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Acne
  • A variety of other skin damage

What Treatments Does The Aesthetic Center Use to Customize Your Facial?


The HydraFacial® is the pinnacle of hydradermabrasion procedures, which both apply medicines to the skin and effectively exfoliate. In fact, HydraFacial® is the only hydradermabrasion treatment that combines cleansing, exfoliation, and extraction with hydration and antioxidant protection.

This advanced combination of treatments can provide clearer and younger skin, and it can do it in a single, 30-minute session. Known for its ability to help with hyperpigmentation, oily skin, sun damage, and wrinkles, HydraFacial® is a fantastic option for anyone looking to improve their skin.


Dermaplaning accomplishes several jobs at once. It removes “peach fuzz”, the downy fine hairs that many people have on their faces. It scrapes away built-up layers of (often dead) skin, allowing for your face to better absorb other facial treatments and making your skin better suited for makeup application. Dermaplaning can also refresh your complexion, offering a softer, more “alive” look.

Medical-Grade Chemical Peels

Our medical-grade chemical peels can reinvigorate your skin, revealing a smoother and healthier face by penetrating and modifying the outer layers of skin. These chemical peels are exceptionally helpful for addressing wrinkles, blotchy or sun-damaged skin, and acne, offering a clear, youthful look.

Oxygen Treatment

Oxygen treatment works by applying concentrated oxygen deep into your skin to reach cells that don’t normally receive as much air. This improves the health of your face by promoting cellular activity and wound healing, treating oil glands, killing bacteria that lead to acne, and even providing anti-inflammatory effects. It’s a fantastic preventative facial treatment.

Making the Right Choice: The Aesthetic Center’s Exceptional Custom Facials in Fort Myers

Custom Facials Treatment

Many aesthetics experts take for granted how effective a truly custom facial can be, choosing instead to perform treatments that are “one-size-fits-all”.

At The Aesthetic Center at Eye Centers of Florida, we know that generic treatment gets generic results, and it’s not the best path to your clearest complexion. That’s why our specially trained staff, completes a thorough skin analysis for you before designing a custom facial around your face’s specific needs.

Our attention to detail will ensure that all aspects of your custom facial — whether we use a HydraFacial®, dermaplane procedure, chemical peel, or oxygen treatment — are perfectly suited to your unique needs.

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