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At Eye Centers of Florida, we’ve seen how a natural-looking replacement eye can change a patient’s life. We recommend these life-changing implants, not only for their promotion of healthy eye function, but also for their ability to boost self-confidence. We’ll help you find a high quality, natural-looking ocular prosthesis that will change your look, your confidence, and your life.

What is an Ocular Prosthesis?

An ocular prosthesis is an artificial eye that’s placed into the eye socket. While they’re commonly referred to as “glass eyes,” eye prosthetics are typically made from a durable acrylic. An artificial eye replacement cannot restore vision, but it can give you a natural-looking replacement after you lose an eye.

When is an Ocular Prosthesis Needed?

We recommend an ocular prosthesis for patients who had an eye surgically removed because it’s often a preferable alternative to wearing eye patches or bandages over an empty eye socket. An ocular prosthesis helps improve the appearance of the eye socket while supporting proper eyelid function.

Some of the causes of eye removal are:

  • Advanced glaucoma
  • Eye injuries or infections
  • Eye tumors
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Ocular Prosthesis Fitting in Fort Myers

At Eye Centers of Florida, we want your ocular prosthesis to be unique to you. We’ll customize your artificial eye to fit your needs, adjusting everything from the fit to the appearance.

The process of designing and fitting an artificial eye requires not only creativity, but also attention to detail and significant medical expertise. An impression of the eye socket will be taken, and your eye care specialist will record the details of your eye color and shape in order to get an accurate match. A model of the artificial eye will then be created out of wax and evaluated for fit before the final prosthetic is crafted out of acrylic.

Ocular prosthesis specialist

Who Will Fit My Ocular Prosthesis?

An ocularist is someone who specializes in creating custom artificial eyes. The experienced team at Eye Centers of Florida will handle the process of fitting and creating your artificial eye in order to ensure you receive a product that looks natural and feels comfortable.

Living with an Artificial Eye

We recommend an ocular prosthesis because of the ways in which it can benefit both your health and your quality of life. We want your prosthetic eye to look and feel as natural as your healthy eye.

At Eye Centers of Florida, we use state-of-the-art technology to ensure you receive the highest quality and most natural looking ocular prosthesis. Expert color matching also ensures that the artificial eye matches the natural eye as closely as possible.

Artificial eyes do move with the natural eye, although there can be a delayed or reduced response. They also do not dilate the way your natural eye does.

How Long Will A Prosthetic Eye Last?

Because they are made from medical-grade acrylic, prosthetic eyes are very durable and only require replacement every five to seven years. Usually, the need to replace an artificial eye is due to changes in the eye socket. These changes occur as you age, making the prosthesis uncomfortable, restricting its movement, or causing it to sit poorly.

Why Choose Eye Centers of Florida for Your Ocular Prosthesis?

At Eye Centers of Florida, our expert ocularists will provide you with a custom prosthesis that’s practically indistinguishable from your healthy eye. We’re dedicated to ensuring that your prosthesis will feel comfortable and look natural.

Request an appointment if you’re ready to start the process of designing and fitting your own artificial eye. We can also answer questions regarding ocular prosthesis costs, whether it’s covered by your insurance benefits, and more.

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