Ocular Prosthesis

What is an Ocular Prosthesis?

An ocular prosthesis is an artificial eye inserted into the eye socket to give the patients a natural looking, aesthetically pleasing result. Commonly referred to as “glass eyes”, eye prosthetics are usually made of durable acrylic and are typically recommended after injury or disease has resulted in the natural eye being removed.

Although they cannot restore vision, artificial eyes greatly improve the appearance of the eye socket as well as prevent tissues growing into the eye socket itself.

Fitting Your Ocular Prosthesis is a Medical and Artistic Process

The process of designing and fitting an artificial eye requires creativity, attention to detail and significant medical expertise. First, an impression of the eye socket will be taken and your eye care specialist will record the details of your eye color in order to get an accurate match. A model of the artificial eye will then be created out of wax and evaluated for fit. By carefully examining the healthy eye, the prosthetic eye will be built and expertly painted to match the patient’s natural eye color and shape.

Will My Artificial Eye Look Natural?

Ocularists at Eye Centers of Florida utilize the latest state-of-the-art technology to ensure that patient’s get the highest quality and most natural looking ocular prostheses. Expert color matching also ensures the artificial eye is as similar as possible to the natural one.

Will My Eye Prosthesis Move Like My Natural Eye?

Artificial eyes do move with the natural eye, although there can be a delayed or reduced response. They also do not dilate (change in response to light) the way that healthy eyes do, so pupils will look unequal in certain lighting.

Who Will Fit My Ocular Prosthesis?

An experienced ocularist at Eye Centers of Florida will handle the process of fitting and creating the artificial eye in order to ensure that patients receive a product that looks natural and feels exceptionally comfortable.

How Long Will My Prosthetic Eye Last?

Prosthetic eyes are very durable, generally requiring replacement every 5 to 7 years. Usually, the need to replace the prosthesis is due to changes to the eye socket which occurs as the patient ages, making the prosthesis uncomfortable, restricting its movement or causing it to sit poorly.

How Long Will it Take to Get My Artificial Eye?

After you have had your damaged eye surgically removed, you will need approximately six to eight weeks to fully heal before the design of the prosthesis can begin. Regular checkups with your eye care specialist will ensure the process can start as soon as your eye socket is ready.

Why Choose Eye Centers of Florida for Your Evaluation?

At Eye Centers of Florida, our ocularists are highly qualified and experienced in developing high quality, natural looking ocular prosthetics that support your facial structure and boost self confidence.

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