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You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out! – Holiday Eye Safety

Holiday Eye Safety

Each year, 250,000 children under 15 are admitted to the emergency room after being injured by a toy. How can you keep your children safe from eye injuries this holiday? Here are some tips from the American Academy of Ophthalmology:

1. Make Sure Children Wear Eye Protection Around Projectiles

Projectiles from BB guns, airguns, and paintball guns often cause eye injuries, some severe enough to require surgery. In most cases, injured children were not wearing protective eyewear when using the toys.

2. Check with Your Eye Doctor About Protective Lenses for Your Child’s Sport

Sports are a fun and healthy way for kids to keep active. But many eye injuries are sustained while playing. In addition to buying the right sports gear, don’t forget eye protection with polycarbonate lenses.

3. Keep Toys Made for Older Children Away From Younger Children

When you have children of different ages, sometimes a toy that’s appropriate for an older child may get into the hands of a younger sibling. It’s a good idea to check age labels and keep toys out of reach of children who are too young.

4. Set a Good Example

Nothing beats adult supervision. Talk to your children about playing safe, and teach them by modeling. When you take care to protect your eyes, your children will learn from your good example.

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