Patient Testimonials

5 stars 5
I was a patient at the North Ft Myers branch with Dr. Brienen and had my very first ever eye exam. The staff upon arrival was extremely attentive and explained in detail what to expect. The eye techs were very thorough and appreciate the time that Dr. Brienen spent with me so I fully understood my vision problems and answered all questions I had. I highly recommend Dr. Brienen and his staff!

5 stars 5
Very satisfied with my visit.I got something in my eye late last friday an they worked me in.Thank you so much Rosie, Ruth, an Dr.Tyrrell.Highly Recommend.. Timmy Rhymes

5 stars 5
Extremely pleased with Dr. Yees treatment, she is very pleasant and a wonderful surgeon. She is definitely top notch.

5 stars 5
My husband and I went to Eye Centers of Florida in NorthNorth for routine eye exams. Dr. Rockman identified a torn retina in my husband's left eye. He arranged an appointment with Dr. Ferreira, a retina specialist, the next business day. Dr. Ferreira confirmed the diagnosis, and the next day he did a lazer procedure to seal the tear.My husband and I were both happy with the eye exams we received, and with the new glasses we ordered.

5 stars 5
I had cataract surgery about a year and a half ago and eye lid surgery due to my lids drooping. Dr. Brown did an excellent job and Allison Yee is one of the best plastic surgeons there (or anywhere). The staff in Cape Coral and Fort Myers have always been courteous. I would recommend Eye Centers of Florida for both cataract and lid surgery. BTW, Dr. Brown did my husbands surgery and he has an appointment this coming Thursday to remove some scar tissue that developed (common).

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