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5 stars 5
I visited this office despite other reviewers seemingly not knowing how insurance works or what each person in the office is actually responsible for... I had an overall pleasant experience here. The assistant to Dr. Keating was VERY experienced and made the preparations for my exam so I had more time to speak with the Doctor about my needs. Dr. Keating was extremely knowledgeable about my situation and provided several solutions. I've been to other places before (WM, LC's) and they pale in comparison. The price was a bit higher than those other places get what you pay for and it's worth every penny.

4 stars 4
The wait is always too long and now I have to come 2 days in the same week and still wait. My doctor is wonderful but the long wait is very inconvenient.

5 stars 5
Great experience. Great people, compassionate people. Dr. Fernandez was more than what I expected. Friendly staff, welcoming nurses who knew how to work with me and make me feel comfortable. The entire experience was much better than what I was led to believe through conversations with others. I had NONE of the issues, other people had experience, however minimal. Highly recommend Dr. Fernandez and his staff.

5 stars 5
Very friendly and caring medical personnel. No expensive fees for cancellation. Spanish help available if you need it. My Rheumatoid Arthritis began attacking my eyes, and Opthalmologist Dr. Brown was educated and experienced enough to recognize that! My eyes are getting better now, thanks to everyone there.

5 stars 5
I love this Dr. I had an appointment and my schedule arranged and drove across town and Dr was not in. They were supposed to call me to cancel but had not. The lady in the front office did everything she could and got me appointment at the south store for the same time. I just had to drive 10 minutes away and got in. Thanks for the effort, Ill continue to use this company.

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